Athletes are at higher risk for communicable disease because of the equipment and items they share in their environment. (Micheli Center)

Protect your customers and athletes

Fitness is important to stay healthy, but the gym environment is not always the cleanest place. Many people enter gyms daily. With all the traffic and activity, sweat and moisture are rampant throughout a facility. The gym is a perfect place for bacteria to grow and spread.

In sports and fitness facilities, extra perspiration comes with the territory. Sweat is a breeding ground for germs, which also allows bacteria to live longer on surfaces. Think about all the areas in a gym like locker rooms, towels, padding, water bottles, weights, bands, mats, equipment, machines, apparel, etc.

Some of the most common transmissible diseases in athletes are staph infections, MRSA, ringworm, athlete’s foot, influenza, warts, herpes simplex, and strep.

You can easily protect your facility through regular antimicrobial surface protection. Business in the sports and fitness industry must take active measures to ensure the safety of their customers and the athletes they work with.


MicroForce treats these fitness facilities:

  • Crossfit Gyms
  • Yoga Clubs
  • Dance Studios
  • Martial Arts Studios
  • Gymnasiums
  • Gyms and Health Clubs
  • College Sports Training Facilities
  • Police Departments and Firehouse Gyms