Test, Treat, and Monitor

Through our industry-leading technology, MicroForce delivers durable antimicrobial surface protection for your facility.

Any public area that is frequently populated is at a higher risk to contract dangerous microbes that are so easily passed from one touch point to another. Your facility is constantly at risk for the spread of germs and disease.

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Keeping your facility clean and safe ensures a healthy environment for your customers, staff, and anyone who enters your facility. MicroForce provides a level of protection for individuals that cannot be matched. We provide onsite testing to identify your potential germ hazards that can invade and afflict any individual in public facilities. With antimicrobial protection, your facility can be a safer environment.

Antimicrobial surface protection ensures surfaces can stay healthier even after human contact and our test and continued monitoring will identify where germs are growing and where they are not.

The MicroForce treatment system utilizes electrostatic technology through specialized products and equipment to bond our polymer coating to the surfaces.

The Product

MicroForce applies a nano biostatic liquid polymer to every surface that kills microbes on treated areas at 99.99%. The polymer bonds to every surface and lays an electrostatic bed of charged spikes at the molecular level that kills microbes for bacteria, fungi, parasites and mold. The spikes attract and puncture these germs at their cell wall, so they cannot survive or reproduce. Since viruses don’t have a cell wall, we puncture the wall of their host.

The Equipment

MicroForce uses EPA-registered antimicrobial products. Our products are non toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, hypoallergenic, and safe to breath and touch. They are environmentally friendly compared to chemical disinfectants, biodegradable, and approved for use on all surfaces. The product dries in seconds and allows facility use within 15 minutes. Our products are approved by the state of Colorado for commercial application.

Measuring and Monitoring

MicroForce uses Hygenia ATP test swabs and luminometers to measure contamination levels for continuous monitoring of your facility. This is the same technology that is used in the food and beverage industry to measure salmonella, gluten, and E. coli to name just a few. This is also the same technology that is used in water processing to measure contamination and proper sanitation in our water systems.Hygenia SureTrendsoftware

MicroForce provides continuous monitoring and quantifiable results through the Hygenia technology and software to show the effectiveness of the treatments. This includes reports and charts that are formulated through the Hygenia SureTrend software to examine and monitor trends and focal points throughout your facility.

Utilizing the highest quality technology and products should be the only option for protecting our environment and sustaining the health of our community.

Our Process- The “FAACTS”

Each facility we treat undergoes a thorough six-step process. Click on each step to read more.

Facility inspection to develop a treatment plan. Key to the treatment plan is understanding where germs hide and where they grow the fastest. Our experience can find the nasty germs, kill them, prevent them from returning and knowing when to re-treat.


The next step consists of analyzing your facility for danger areas and pre-testing high risk locations for contamination levels through advanced ATP testing procedures.

Every space that we treat is unique. We will pre-test surfaces to show you how clean your space is.

Now it’s time for the antimicrobial treatment!

This is followed by post-testing for contamination levels once the MicroForce protection has been applied. You will be able to compare these readings to the pre-tests.

MicroForce will provide a stamp of approval for your facility with appropriate marketing that will allow your business to stand out from the rest.

Everyone has competition, and we are aware that it’s usually the small things that separate you from the pack. MicroForce provides the tools to differentiate you in your prospective customer’s mind.

Killing germs is a good thing. But how do you know they are dead? Disinfectants are invisible so the only way to know if they are dead is test.

Since germs are everywhere, you need to repeat the test, treat and re-test on regular intervals. We recommend every 3 months in most facilities but some high touch area’s may need monthly testing.

With each treatment, you will receive data and analytics reports for your facility. These reports are generated through the software that MicroForce uses to measure and quantify a facility’s risk status.

Plus the are valuable in communicating to your stakeholders, staff and customers about your commitment to reducing germs, odors, mold and mildew.

The data will define your schedule for testing and treatments.

Complete Protection through Regular Treatments

Traditional cleaning methods are not effective for full prevention, as many of these only mask the germs, but they do not eliminate and get to the root of the problem. Their effectiveness is also removed once a surface has been touched again and re-contaminated. Think about this, even if a surface is completely sanitized, it will only stay that way until the next hand touches it or germs drop from the air. Over time, chemical applications can even allow for germs to mutate and adapt which can develop into larger threats known as Superbugs.

Get to the Root of the ProblemLocker Rooms

MicroForce eliminates germs and gets to the root of the problem by killing at the cell wall through a continuous mechanical kill rather than a temporary chemical (poisonous) one.

This allows your facility to be constantly protected in between cleans once  the cleaning company is gone for the day. MicroForce is also able to protect all the places the cleaning company doesn’t. Traditional cleaning methods come with many limitations on what areas are even reached. The MicroForce process covers every inch of every room to be actively protected with a durable antimicrobial treatment.