About MicroForce

MicroForce is focused on helping to mitigate the spread of contagious diseases. We are passionate about creating awareness for the dangers of germs. MicroForce takes the proactive approach to fight the threats that we are unable to see all around us.Denver Skyline Mountains

MicroForce understands the hazards that high traffic areas pose to both your staff and your customers and the need to control the spread of cross-contamination. MicroForce is in the business of preventing infectious disease by helping to eliminate those illnesses to keep your staff and customers safe and healthy.

MicroForce values healthy, growing communities throughout the great state of Colorado. MicroForce is based in Colorado and cares about the issues that affect our local population. We will help you protect your employees and customers in order to keep the public community safe and engaged.

Protect Your Great Assets

The MicroForce model understands that a business’s greatest assets are the employees that represent its design. We focus on protecting those assets to maximize efficiency and productivity for your company and improving your bottom line.

The MicroForce system is implemented to save your company money in several different areas.This includes saving cost in your facility sanitization efforts, reducing your cost of employee sick pay, and lowering your company’s insurance premiums for employees.

MicroForce is an experienced expert that you can trust as a consultant to your business. We have partnered with some of the leaders in this industry including ByoPlanet International and Hygenia International in order to maintain the wellness of your clients and employees. We see ourselves as an extension of every business we work with to engage and advise on the highest risk areas of every facility.

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MicroForce is a long-term partner who provides comfort and peace of mind to businesses by protecting our community against unseen dangers that we cannot fight by ourselves.