What do you know about germs?

Life of a Germ

Some germs can live on dry surfaces, like toys, for several hours and moist surfaces, like bathroom sinks, for up to three days.

Lost time

An estimated 60 million days of school and 50 million days of work are lost annually because of the common cold.

Cost of Illness

Americans spend about $5 billion each year on the common cold. That’s about $3 billion on visits to doctors’ offices and $2 billion on the actual treatment.

The total cost of illness in the U.S. workplace is $576 billion per year, four times more than the U.K. (Forbes)

Safer Surfaces for a Safer You

Protection From the Unseen

The main objective of MicroForce is to foster an environment free of contagious diseases that can invade and infect any individual in public facilities.

80% of all cross contamination comes from human touch. MicroForce is a proactive attack on the dangerous, unseen playing field.

The MicroForce system helps prevent communicable diseases such as:

  • Influenza
  • Staph
  • MRSA
  • E. coli
  • Strep
  • Pink eye
  • Pneumonia
  • and hundreds more

Learn how it works

MicroForce provides long-term protection in your facility that lasts up to 90 days regardless of human touch.

How You Fight Back

With Antimicrobial Protection

The MicroForce treatment system uses electrostatic technology with EPA-registered products. This gives long-term protection to eliminate and prevent germs on all treated surfaces. MicroForce applies a biostatic liquid polymer to every surface that kill microbes and sanitizes treated areas at 99.999%. This application stays sanitized for up to 90 days, regardless of human touch and re-contamination. It works through a “mechanical kill” rather than as a chemical disinfectant. The polymer bonds to the surface to form a protective barrier. The polymer is an electrostatic wall of charged spikes formed at the molecular level. It attracts all bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and mold. The spikes puncture the germ’s cell wall so they cannot survive or reproduce.

Make your environment safer through germ elimination and disease prevention.

Industries We Serve

Creating Healthy Communities

MicroForce treats public facilities that promote healthy, active lifestyles. The MicroForce treatment system protects patrons of gyms and wellness centers, teachers and students in education, at-risk populations in healthcare facilities such as the elderly and chronically ill, individuals at specialized medical centers, and employees in high traffic, germ-exposed environments.

Sports and Fitness

Whether you’re a gym or studio owner, a coach or athletic trainer, we’ve got you covered.

Education and Childcare

We provide services to schools, day cares, community centers, and other educational facilities.


Doctors’ offices, waiting rooms, therapy centers, and assisted living facilities are prime spaces for the spread of disease.

Corporate Offices

We protect employees in your entire office space, including meeting rooms, lobbies, break rooms, restrooms, and more.

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